Briefing Procedure

The climbing park consists of several courses in different heights and with different levels of difficulty. During the 3 hours stay, the participants climb from tree to tree. The assurance with the equipment will be carried out with 2 safety ropes (cowtails). Above the entire courses, there is a Safety System composed of cable ropes. All visitors are permanently locked into this system.

After your arrival:
First of all, you have to pay the according amount on the cash desk. Afterwards, underaged persons have to present our user agreement (filled out and signed by their parents). Persons of full age are allowed to sign our agreement on their own. The next step is the disposal of a refund for the whole climbing equipment. Finally, you receive the security equipment, consisting of a helmet, a cowtail (safety rope) and a complete belt.

In the next possible moment, there occurs an instruction by our security trainer. The trainer will explain how to fasten the security equipment, as well as illustrate the functionality. After a check of the correct fastened belts, the trainer initiates the security instruction. The security rules will be illustrated and demonstrated in practice. In the particular assessment course, the participants learn how to hook the carabiner in the safety rope, as well as how to behave during the descent on the ropeways. Furthermore, the courses will be introduced with their special features and ratings.

Our trainers supervise the courses from the ground. In “case of need“ they will be able to give their advice or rather encourage the participants. However, if somebody should not be able to move on, our trainers can afford the roping of participants in the whole course.

The visitors pass through the different courses self dependently, i.e. every visitor has to hook and hang out the safety ropes independently and responsibly into the cable ropes.